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Kathi’s personal mission is to help people see and achieve more value in the rest of their story than they ever dreamed possible.  She captures the audience’s attention with her own remarkable story as well as other examples from true life.  Using humor and interaction, audiences are able to relate to the message and walk away with insights they may not have expected but will long remember.

Here are a few thoughts from her audiences:

“Wow Kathi! That was awesome!  I’m still trying to get up off the floor.  You nailed it! What great ideas.”

“It must be gratifying to work with people the way you are. Preventing the downhill slide in their confidence, the finances, and relationships because you help them see what’s right there all the time. Love it.”

“The information you have provided is so powerful.  It’s like finding out the secret ingredient to the special sauce. Thanks for sharing!!”

Kathi can develop a custom program to fit your needs or deliver one of her own presentations, workshops or seminars. Kathi’s most frequently requested presentations cover the topics shown below.


Adjusted Sails: What Does This Make Possible?

The key to navigating the murky, uncertain waters of change is to focus on the possibilities rather than the difficulties as the familiar disappears over the horizon. Discover the tools you need to chart a new course when your well-laid plans are washed away by time, loss, illness, or professional woes. Don’t let the current take you where it will – set your own course, and watch your life unfold. One question is all it takes!


The New World of Expert Positioning: How to Stay Relevant When Everything is Changing

With today’s rapidly evolving markets, the path to being recognized as a leading authority or expert in any field requires constant nurturing and a continued commitment. Learn three steps that are proven, powerful and profitable for keeping you and your value relevant for those you serve!


Your Resilience Blueprint: Finding Your Way Forward

Whether born out of the worry of what could happen, or the aftermath of storms already passed, the fear of what lies ahead can leave us stranded in a place where moving forward feels like a risk too great. Learn about four personal design strategies that will keep you from wandering in that wilderness of worrisome fear and help you find your way forward.