Your Resilience Blueprint: Finding Your Way Forward

Whether it’s born out of the worry of what could happen, or the aftermath of storms already passed, the fear of what lies ahead can leave us stranded in a place where moving forward feels like a risk too great.

How can we keep ourselves from wandering in that wilderness of worrisome fear and find our way forward?

Begin by knowing where you are.

Having that point of embarkation is the first step. Sounds simple doesn’t it? It can be but taking stock of where we are requires us to be willing to expand our vision beyond any circumstance that may have brought us to this place. We can’t fully understand where we are without also understanding who we are.

In our first module you will learn how to create that clarity.

Create the vision of what is next.

This can be daunting. Everything we thought we knew has been called into question. Our confidence is shaken. Perhaps in others, life, and even in ourselves. Most decidedly though, a confident view of the future is paramount to getting us into positive motion. Remember hope? A powerful emotion and motivator.

Resilience is defined as our ability to return to our intended form using our own energy after impact. It’s restorative and reformative. And powered from within.

In our second module you will learn about creative resilience and how to craft a “next” that delivers on the promise of a future you can believe in even if you can’t even fully imagine it yet.

Craft a blueprint to find your way forward.

In our third module you will learn how to connect the dots and create a blueprint that will help you find your way forward into that vision. Even if for now it’s about a direction more than a destination.

You will learn how to leverage resources you may not even know are there for you. You see, creativity is not just about the vision. It is also the fuel for turning that vision into reality.

Now that you know the way forward, we want to make sure you have the navigation tools you need to stay on course, adjusting your sails as you go.

Stay the course, adjusting your sails as you go.

In our fourth module you will be introduced to key tools that are proven to deliver results.

Four personal design strategies that will keep you from wandering in the wilderness of worrisome fear and help you find your way forward.

  • Get a clear vision of where you are.

  • Create a compelling image of where you want to go next.

  • Craft a magnetic plan that will get you into motion.

  • Develop the skills you need to stay the course and find your way.

A course about designing a future path that will see you through every season of your life and work.

A resilience blueprint crafted by you for you.

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