Abracadabra: What will you create?

CreateRecently I was privileged to hear David Bayer, author of Mind Hack and creator of The Powerful Living Experience speak at a conference I was attending.

He asserts that we begin to understand our true potential when we recognize that at their core, our beliefs are nothing more than decisions.

Whenever we want to change our mindset or belief about something, particularly ourselves, it’s not complicated. It just means we must make a different decision.

Think about that for a moment. It’s an incredibly powerful concept.

Since hearing him speak I’ve been thinking about new decisions that I want to make about myself and my life as I move into the next season. A word came to mind that has always fascinated me because of its origin: Abracadabra. A magician’s word. A word used to conjure up an experience of delight and wonder. Isn’t that what we all want from our lives?

Where does the word originate? An ancient language and phrase avra kehdabra, which means “I will create as I speak”.

Just imagine! We can speak new decisions into existence. Those decisions in turn create a new perspective and reality. It is what makes our words so powerful.

What will we create as we speak?

What magic, delight and wonder will we bring to life for ourselves and our world?

What is our personal abracadabra?

We must choose wisely! And then get ready for magic!

Begin with the end in mind. Decide today what you want tomorrow to be.  Then live that. Create that. Live well.