What will you do today? A jelly bean life…

Jelly BeansMuch of my professional life has been spent working with some kind of data analysis.  Even the most abstract scenarios will have some kind of profile that will allow you to create a model of that information. Those numbers tell a story.

The same is true of our lives.  When I first saw the video being shared today I was intrigued.  Then I watched it again and I realized that in life, as in business, sometimes it is not so much what we know as much as it is when we know it.

The timeliness of information is crucial for one reason only.  It impacts our decisions.  When we have information at the right time to use for making smarter decisions everyone benefits.

And that is the value of this video.  The days of our life illustrated by jelly beans.  Sounds pretty silly.  But the story is anything but.  When you see the way time is swept off the screen and think about it’s true value, you become far more protective of where it goes and how it is spent.  Or at least that was my response to this. You can make better decisions.  About your life.  About your day.

Because having the information is only valuable if we apply it.  In business and in life.

Watch the video.  Then you will see the point of the question.  What will you do today?

Live today like you want tomorrow to be.



  1. This was a fabulous visual demonstration of how life goes by and what little time we truly have. Sobering. This reminds me of something David, the Psalmist said, “Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90:12

    • Thank you, Sharon. I agree – I found it very moving. What a great verse for this! I’m going to inscribe that one in my journal. Love your insights always.