Staying the course – Finishing the race!

Finish the race

Successful people seem to have an uncanny ability to adapt and adjust in the right places at the right time in order to make it to the finish line every time. Join their ranks and be confident in your personal perseverance power by adopting these five principals as your own.

#1:   Keep your eye on the finish line

What is waiting for you at the end? What is that promise?  When we stay focused on the end goal, it gives it a magnetic quality that will help pull us through tough times and circumstances.

#2:   Fuel your fire

Mother Teresa taught: To keep a lamp burning we have to keep putting oil in it.”

How are you keeping your commitment vital and alive? What are you feeding to your internal energy furnace?

#3:   Focus on consistent steps – not leaps & bounds

What we do daily has a much higher impact on the results than what we do weekly, monthly or occasionally. The stream must be constantly moving to wear down the rock.  When you are consistently working on something, you will attract even more opportunity.

#4:   Make everything serve the goal

This is not just fortune cookie wisdom. Determined focus is what delivers destiny.  That means you must bind together all of your resources and deploy them as a single force of power.

#5:   Don’t be afraid of set-backs

What scares you? For most of us, it is failure.  To move past the fear, we have to redefine failure. Failure is rarely a valid judgment.  Your plan is going to change.  That is not failure.  That is intelligence at work. Define attempt as research.  It is welcome progress.  Embrace that thinking.  And you will re-channel the fear and stay on track.